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Breeding For Color
The Dictionary of Coat Color Crosses


Over 2,400 solid coat color crosses giving all foal color possibilities for each and the percentage chance for each to occur.



Bay  X  Palomino
25% Sorrel(ruano), 25% Palomino, 14% Bay,
14% Buckskin, 5% Sorrel (tostado), 5% Yellow Dun,5% Black, 5% Smoky Black,1.5% Chocolate Chestnut,1.5% Lilac Dun


Breeding The Bay Paint

Breeding The Black Paint

Breeding The Chestnut Paint

Breeding The Sorrel Paint
Each of these books contain genetic crosses for paint and quarter.  If you are breeding a Palomino/Palomino Paint, Red Dun/Red Dun Paint, or Buckskin/Buckskin Paint these are the books needed to provide all foal color possibilities. 




The Equine Dilution Gene (Palomino)


The Equine Dilution Gene II (Buckskin)


The Dun Factor (Red Dun)


Proven Paint Pedigree’s